Joint Council #43
Joint Council #43

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Dignity ... Justice ... a Voice in your workplace 

These are the core principles on which organized labor was founded.  No single union has ever achieved these goals with more success and consistency than the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Long before the term “empowerment” became fashionable, the Teamsters Union was giving working men and women across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico a strong and effective voice in the workplace.

For more than 100 years, Teamsters have stood united to ensure that their members are paid fairly, work in a safe and healthy environment, have health care and retirement benefits to improve their quality of life, and have a degree of control over their future.

To over 1.4 million men and women, being a Teamster means achieving a better life through the strength and solidarity of a proud union.  It is a union that encompasses workers in diverse job classifications.  It is a union whose members come from all walks of life and are active participants and leaders in their communities.  It is a union that has made a difference in the working lives of over 70 million people since its founding.

It is the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Everywhere you turn a Teamster is on the job. Teamsters touch the lives of countless Americans and Canadians every day in many ways.  

Teamsters who work in dairies process and package the milk you drink in the morning. 

Teamster truck drivers deliver the food you eat.  

A Teamster crossing guard helps your children get to school safely.

Teamster airline workers help move people and packages.

Teamster police officers and fire fighters help protect you and your family.

A Teamster may cook the lunch you eat.  

Teamsters print the newspaper you read and help produce the TV shows and movies you enjoy.

Teamster nurses provide health care to patients.

Teamster construction workers help build roads and buildings.

Teamster bus drivers transport you and your children home safely.

 Teamster technicians help work the satellites that bring telephone calls and television broadcasts from around the world to your home.

Everyday, from morning to night, Teamsters are your family members, your friends and your neighbors who are providing services and products that are part of your daily life.

The Teamsters Union has come a long way over the past century.  Rising from a small union of workers who drove teams of horses in the dawn of the 20th century, the Teamsters Union of the 21st century has grown to two million active and retired members.  The common element that unites this diverse membership is the knowledge that they are represented by the most effective union in the free world — a union that has adapted to the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace and continues providing leadership and services to rank-and-file working men and women across the country.

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Teamsters Joint Council #43
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